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I'm a UI/UX Designer based in San Francisco, CA

Custom UI Kit

This is a custom User Interface I designed as a personal project. I am a huge fan of dark user interfaces, I feel they pose some pretty interesting challenges, specifically lighting. View Project

Enthuse Mobile App

Enthuse is a mobile application for both Android and iOS. The application is based around a rewards system in which the more sporting events you attend, watch, and follow the app rewards you with points. Those points are then redeemable for products ranging fro a bag of Pop Chips to Best Buy gift cards. View Project

Sunday Night Rap

The Sunday Night Rap was an entire show package created for a show that was planned to run every Sunday for roughly 6 months on Comcast Sports Net.

The hosts of the show are Gary Radnich and Tony Bruno. These two guys are total clowns when they get together, and the show was an attempt to embrace their fun characters and their knowledge of sports.

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About Me



Ever since I was a kid, I loved taking things apart to see how they worked. The challenge was putting it back together. I am still very much in this mindset today. As a web developer and creative in general, there is a lot of constructing and deconstructing of projects, designs, workflows and so on.

It’s this process that I feel really helps one better understand the meanings behind what you are doing, and more importantly, why you are doing what you are. I see it all too often these days, what I call “design without reason.”

Simply put, design with no concept of the messaging involved, relationships to other graphic elements, proximity etc. Taking a methodical, planned out approach to projects, forcefully eliminates the “design without reason”. The concepts, messaging, & content, all rises over the most elaborate interface, design, or application. It is these “concepts & messages” that should drive the design, and harnesses and present the content as polished trophy.

I have a passion for user centered design, and user experience. I strive to elevate the standard on the web by utilizing the latest techniques, and best practices to ensure the final product is extendable, intuitive, and fast.

Look what I can do!

I like to describe myself as a jack–of–all trades…

Over the years I have stacked up quite a few skills that I pride myself on. From being able to whip out complex bezier paths on a whim, all the way to coding up an interactive wonderland with jQuery and Javascript.

I guess I could be called a pixel perfectionist, or a bezier bender, or even a Motion Monster, the skills and naming conventions that I could be referenced as range the spectrum. However, by no means do I posses wizardry to a caliber that would match the Mario Bro’s gaming skills of Fred Savage’s brother in the Wizard.

What I do have is a rare set of skills that has given me the knowledge and technical ability to manage, create, teach, LEARN, and communicate on a multitude of levels. I have a passion for taking things that make people want to punch themselves in the face to hugging their screen.

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I currently work full time, but I make a huge effort to have time on the side to work on more passionate projects. Nothing makes me happier than a happy client. So reach out if your logo needs a hug, your website needs some road signs, or your just bored.

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